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Snack benefits

  • Natural
  • High Protein
  • Stevia, Truvia Options
  • Lactose, Gluten Free
  • Calorie Free Options
  • Enriched Vitamin, Mineral
  • Diabetic Options
  • Guilt Free Snacks



Our Mission

To provide and promote nutritious snacks and beverages to establishments and institutions who encourage a healthy lifestyle.

With Health on top of the national agenda, SnackLite offers dietitian approved products, and high-tech machines that exceed federal and state guidelines.

We understands price and taste play major roles when making healthy snacks appealing. With that in mind, we put our products through various tests, and we are proud to say SnackLite offers the most affordable nutritional snacks available on the market.

We have gone the extra mile to customize our vending machines, creating a high-tech store that offers an experience like no other. Features include dual zone temperature, which allow us to offer snacks that require refrigeration, credit card readers, sensors that guarantee product delivery or your money back, and remote monitoring for time sensitive products. More exciting, our machines are eco friendly and energy star rated, enabling to offer you a high quality product and continue to be environmentally friendly.

Together, let's make the easy choice a healthy choice.

Active Lifestyle

SnackLite sponsors and participates in active events for businesses, organizations, schools, and the community. Like our Facebook to see past events and stay connected, or contact us for event sponsorships. "Eat right, get active, live better" - SnackLite Team