+ High-tech Machines

+ Accepts card payments

+ Completely refrigerated


Designed around your location

+ Increase income

+ Offer healthy chioces

+ Set yourself apart

+ Increase preformance

+ Additional revenue

+ Lower health care cost


The SnackLite Difference

Current "black box" vending has not changed products or machines in 3 decades. Our machine was created to offer an entirely new expreience everything from card accepting payments to refrigeration was designed to offer easy access to a convenient Lite snack.

Why Our Machine Works

+ Remote Monitoring

Allows tracking of daily sales & inventory

+ Cashless Payment

Accepts credit and debit cards

+ 46 Selections

Snacks and beverages,
one snack a day for 6+ weeks

+ Dual Zone

Everything inside refrigerated,
and temperature controlled

+ Guaranteed Product Delivery

Helix rotation and infrared beams
ensure product is dispensed or your money back.

+ Eco Friendly

Triple pane glass, LED lights,
and a energy saving device.


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