+ Increase performance

+ Extra revenue

+ Lower healthcare cost


    - Quick response

    - Nutritional products

    - State-of-the-art machines

    - Energy effecient

    - Drinks and snacks

    - Payment Option

    - Dietitian approved

    - Popular brands

    - Low pricing

Did You Know?

- 97% of employees want healthy vending chioces.

- Employees typically consume 25 - 45% of their daily calories during work.

- Health care cost is the 2nd highest expense, for employers, after labor.

3 Reasons to SnackLite at your office


Add an extra revenue stream to your bottom line from each nutritional sale.Not only are you making money, but you can enjoy spending less on your employee health care.

Increase energy

Increase employee preformance, and health by offering nutritional snack options.With no compromise on taste, your employees are guaranteed to love our products.

No Risk

Service and operation is free of cost to your establishment. Furthermore, each machine has a $2 million dollar commercial general liability policy on each machine. No need to worry about something happening to your machine. We've got it covered.

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