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Quick response

Investing in new technology allows us to view machine and product diagnostics wirelessly.

Vending machines out of order for more than 72hrs is a problem of the past. Each SnackLite machine is equipped with remote monitoring, which allows your Lite provider to track products and view any machine errors. This technology ensures a quick response that does not interfere with your establishment.

A+ testimonials

Gary Colteck (KSU)

"The new service allows students nutritional snack choices, with new technology, and outstanding service."

Bethany Constien (Registered Dietitian)

"You can really get the most "bang for your buck" nutritionally with (SnackLite) options. For example, compared to a typical vending machine candy bar, the SnackLite bar-like options (including Luna Bar®, Clif® Mojo, and Pure Naturals®) have fewer calories, less total fat, less saturated fat, less sugar, more fiber, and more protein. It's just great to now have more snack options (ones that are more nutritionally-sound) available."

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